Colocasia Milky Way

We have many sizes of Colocasia Milky Way available, some are too big to post and are listed as such. Please follow our care instructions for these plants.

Colocasia Milky Way's NEED

  • Soil should contain at least 30% perlite
  • Full sun until 11am or constant light shade cloth
  • Plants must sit in water - it must either sit in water in a saucer or sit in at least 2cm of water in a pond or shallow tray, there should be uptake or evaporation visible daily when sitting in a saucer, and when sitting in a tray or shallow pond, the top of the soil or slightly below should be moist. in both instances if this is not the case, then there is a problem with either soil, light or temperature that must be addressed
  • Provide fertilizer when potting and then regularly

In time you can adapt your plant to your own environment but to start this plant off you need to provide the above

To prevent this plant being eaten by chewing and sucking insects, use Maverick mixed with Spredmax every 2-4 weeks

Slow down moisture levels in winter if you see the plant is dying down and do not allow them to freeze, add more moisture from spring onwards

This plant will benefit from the use of our Growers Prescription© Colocasia/Alocasia/caladium Care Treatment available on our website under the Growers Prescription tab. 

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