Tissue Culture

We produce our own tissue culture for many of our plants and are the sole agency for tissue culture from our USA Producer.

If you would like a plant tissue cultured, please contact us for a quote, below are some estimates of what you may have to pay when you order tissue culture from our collaborating lab

  • Initiation Fees: $500-$1500
  • Plant Production Fees with Minimum production levels $5000+
  • Plant Import Fees $2500+ (these have GST added in Australia)
  • Plant De-flasking $6+ per plant

Please be aware that plant losses are absorbed by the buyer at each level, plant losses may occur from plant deaths, obsolesce or customs seizures and destruction.

Please contact us at info@nursery2u.com.au for a custom quote, please note we require prepayments at each stage of the process.

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