Clearance Begonia Looking Glass

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A stunning green and silver begonia with red undersides on its leaves, this plant needs mostly shade, available in 140m pot.

These plant are on clearance because they are very fragile and are difficult to post therefore are an end of line item, they are very healthy otherwise. They may reach you with some leaf damage but will grow back throughout summer.

Clearance plants are usually end of season, slow selling, or damaged leaf plants,  they have healthy root structures and are sold at clearance prices due to their appearance. These plants are sold "as is" with their description detailing their issues.

The pictures are of the actual batch that is for sale, some plants may vary slightly. Please note the 7 day optional warranty does not apply to clearance plants, but you may still purchase the warranty to cover your other plant purchases.

Plants sent by post have most of the soil removed, we use and recommend Osmocote® soils and fertilizers to repot and keep your plants healthy. 
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