Adenium Desert Rose Baby Plants SINGLE MIXED flower (4 Plant bundle)


Single MIXED colour Adenium Desert Rose baby plants. These baby plants are from a mixture of seeds from 70 different flower colours. Sold in a 4 plant bundle for $30

Adenium Desert Rose Information

We sell the following sizes of desert Roses in our listings

Plant                                    Height                                                 Price

Baby Single                          5-10cm no flower                               $8

Baby Double                        5-10cm no flower                               $12

First Year Single                  15-40cm flower photo only             $12

First Year Double                15-40cm flower photo only             $18

Second Year Single            Various – actual photos shown       $22

Second Year Double          Various – actual photos shown       $28

Third Year Single                 Various - actual photos shown       $32

Third Year Double              Various - actual photos shown        $38

 Besides the plants listed above we may list other plants that don’t fit into these categories with various prices

PLANT HOLDS – we do not hold plants, if you are not sure about your whole order and would like to reserve a plant you can buy it from the website and use the “partial order” shipping option so no postage or delivery will be charged at that time. You will need to add the postage to the rest of your order before despatch.

Please not if you buy and reserve a plant in this manner, it may not have any flowers by the time you receive it.

BABY PLANTS – Our plants are produced commercially and purchased according to colour and flower type, as with all Desert Roses there is a certain percentage of plants that do not colour true to their seed, while we advertise the colour and flower type, we do not guarantee these on baby plants

EXTRA PHOTOS OR INFORMATION – we can send extra photos or provide extra information on a particular plant however the plant you are enquiring about may be sold by the time we provide the photos or info, we cannot hold plants for pending info.

Plants sent by post have most of the soil removed, we use and recommend Osmocote® soils and fertilizers to repot and keep your plants healthy. 
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