Pisonia Tree Variegated

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Pisonia Tree Variegated

Beautifully variegated indoor easy to grow tree. This tree is also known as the bird catcher tree and for this reason comes with the following warning on purchase.

Pisonia is harmful to wild birds as they can eat the seeds and nectar produced by the plant and they can get caught in the plant and die, this particular plants has been used in the past to control bird populations in agricultural areas.

There is no reason why this plant cannot be enjoyed responsibly in your home with the following in mind;

  1. Never plant this tree outside
  2. Dispose of all offcuts by steeping in boiling water and/or vinegar so they may die and not sprout in the environment

If you would like to propagate this tree, please pass on the new tree with the above information

Care instructions

Water generously in summer, water less in winter, allow it to be semi-dry before watering

Medium light and temperature requirements. Fertilize as per usual.

Please note: Baby plants sometimes have cut leaves due to processing.

Plants sent by post have most of the soil removed, we use and recommend Osmocote® soils and fertilizers to repot and keep your plants healthy.
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