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Tradescantia Zebrina Classic

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This Plant will be back in April 2024

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Nursery 2U Growing schedule for Tradescantia Plants

Due to the Brisbane weather, we cannot produce all tradescantia variants all year round.

Below are the months when Tradescantias will be available through us, if you require a certain colour during other times, they are available through other growers.

Dark Desire, Purple Rain, Golden Hill, Zebrina Chunky, Zebrina Classic APRIL to OCTOBER

Sillamontana Variegated – No production during winter.

Bubblegum Lilac and Bubblegum Midnight – Year-round Production, may sell out at times.

Purple Heart and Purple Heart Variegated - Year-round Production, may sell out at times.

Blushing Bride – Year-round production, only shows white in colder months.


At Nursery 2U, we pride ourselves on being your reliable online destination for the distinctive Tradescantia Zebrina in Australia. Native to tropical and subtropical regions, this amazing houseplant is now available in Australia, and it’s perfect for adding a vibrant splash of colour to your home.


The Tradescantia Zebrina plant, with its striking striped leaves that dance between green, silver, and rich purple, is a showstopper in any indoor plant collection. Its cascading vines make it a stunning choice for hanging baskets, adding height and drama to any indoor space.


At Nursery 2U, we're committed to delivering a wide range of quality plants right to your doorstep. You can now buy Tradescantia Zebrina online with just a few clicks, and we'll handle the rest.


We pride ourselves on offering top-quality plants and exceptional customer service. When you purchase your Tradescantia Zebrina plant from us, you not only get a beautiful and healthy plant but also gain access to our wealth of plant knowledge and care tips. We ensure each plant is nurtured with the utmost care until it finds a new home with you.


Are you ready to welcome the stunning Tradescantia Zebrina into your home? With Nursery 2U, you have a trusted partner to help you build your indoor oasis, starting with this unique and colourful specimen. Start exploring the world of indoor plants with us and let the Tradescantia Zebrina transform your space today!

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What is a Tradescantia Zebrina plant?

The Tradescantia Zebrina, also known as Wandering Jew or Inch Plant, is a popular houseplant known for its striking striped leaves in shades of green, silver, and purple. It is native of tropical and subtropical regions and adds a touch of vibrancy to any indoor space.

Where can I buy a Tradescantia Zebrina in Australia?

You can purchase Tradescantia Zebrina online in Australia from Nursery 2U. We offer top-quality plants and provide the convenience of delivering your chosen plants right to your doorstep. Please note: We don't post direct to NT, TAS, and WA states, however, we co-operate with all concierge services, and will happily post your plants to them for on-posting.

Why should I choose Nursery 2U to buy my Tradescantia Zebrina plant?

Nursery 2U prides itself on offering not only high-quality plants but also exceptional customer service. When you purchase a Tradescantia Zebrina plant from us, you also gain access to our wealth of plant knowledge and care tips.

How do I care for my Tradescantia Zebrina plant?

Tradescantia Zebrina prefers bright, indirect light, but can tolerate lower light conditions. Water it regularly, allowing the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. It likes high humidity, so misting the leaves or placing it near a humidifier can help it thrive.

Who operates Nursery 2U?

Nursery 2U is a family-owned and operated business. We have been involved in the plant industry for three generations, growing, wholesaling, and retailing plants. We now embrace technology to provide convenience, economy, and a wider selection to our customers.

What if the Tradescantia Zebrina I ordered is not available?

If a Tradescantia Zebrina you've ordered isn't available, we'll contact you immediately. You can then choose to change, delay, or cancel your order. If only a larger plant is available, we'll up-size it for free. If only a smaller plant is available, we'll supply it for free!


We post on Mondays and our cut-off time is Saturday 10am Brisbane time. Unless Monday is a public holiday, in which case we post on Tuesdays, also please see our socials and main page for Christmas and Easter Holidays.


We post semi bare rooted plants wrapped in bubble wrap, some plants are posted in their pots, depending on the species and size. We send with Australia Post Express Post or Startrack which is part of Australia Post.


We can combine orders if they are not too large, either place your order and we will refund the postage cost on all but one order, or contact us for an invoice without postage, please note fast selling items may sell out before we can send you an invoice so please consider this during the buying process. Large orders may attract a second postage amount, we will contact you prior to posting.

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