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Elevate Your Garden with Caladiums

Caladiums are nature's answer to a splash of colour in shady garden spots or indoor spaces. With their vibrant hues and heart-shaped leaves, Caladium plants add a dramatic flair wherever they grow. 

With their vibrant leaves, Caladiums are a favourite because of their amazing colour. From green, white, red or pink, these exotic plants can put on a show that competes with the most vibrant blooming species.Native to tropical South America, caladium plants flourish in warm, moist climates but can also be cultivated as summer bulbs in cooler regions or indoors with proper care. 

Nursery 2U

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Designing with Caladiums

Incorporate caladium plants into your landscape for an instant burst of colour. They pair wonderfully with hoya starters, creating a diverse texture and colour palette. 

Alternatively, use them as standalone pieces for a striking effect.

Caladium Plant Care Made Simple

Caring for caladium plants is pretty straightforward. They thrive in warm, humid conditions with indirect light. Keep the soil consistently moist for lush growth. Our caladiums come with easy-to-follow care instructions, ensuring they remain a stunning feature in your garden.

Caladium Care Tips

  • Soil Requirements: Choose a potting mix that's rich and well-aerated, supplemented with organic materials like compost. Caladiums have their roots in tropical climates, thriving in warm environments — they need both balmy air and soil to truly shine.

  • Moisture Management: Throughout their growth phase, caladiums prefer their soil to stay consistently damp. Letting the soil go dry could lead to yellowing leaves that might fall off. To keep the moisture just right, tucking a layer of mulch around the plants can do wonders.

  • Fertilising: These plants are pretty low-maintenance on the food front. Over-fertilising can harm their stunning leaves. 

  • Ideal Growing Spots: Caladium plants are tailor-made for the hot spots in your home like bathrooms or sunrooms, where the air is warm and humid. Steer clear of places with chilly drafts.

  • Lighting Up Life: Aim for at least four hours of dappled sunlight daily, best from windows facing south, east, or west. But remember, too much direct sun might just give your caladiums a sunburn.

The Lure of Caladium Varieties

Our Nursery 2U collection boasts an array of caladium varieties. Each caladium plant has its unique pattern and palette, from brilliant whites and deep reds to lush greens. Perfect for collectors and newcomers alike, these plants will transform any space.

The World of Caladiums at Your Fingertips

Visit our online nursery to explore our extensive range of caladium plants. From the comfort of your home, select the perfect caladiums to enhance your living space or garden area.

Caladiums as Indoor Plants

Caladiums aren't just outdoor plants, they can liven up any indoor area. Place them in well-lit rooms and watch as their leaves become conversation starters for visitors and plant lovers alike.

Discover Rare Plants

For those seeking the extraordinary, our rare plants section includes specially curated plants. 

These rare varieties can be the crowning jewels of any plant collection.

Shop Caladiums for Every Occasion

Whether you're gifting or updating your garden, our caladium plant collection has something for everyone. With a plant as versatile as the caladium, you'll find the perfect match for any occasion or setting.

Caladium Plants: A Joy to Grow

Growing caladium plants is a joyous journey. With vibrant growth and ever-changing leaves, caladiums offer a dynamic beauty that evolves throughout the seasons.

Spice up your decor with our gorgeous caladium plants, shop our range today!

Your Caladium Haven

Nursery 2U is dedicated to bringing you high-quality caladium plants. With our detailed care guides and supportive community, we ensure that your caladiums flourish and bring joy for years to come.