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Information Sheet sent with order


Nursery 2 U Information and Basic Care Sheet

Thank you for purchasing from Nursery 2 U

Your plants have been selected with the utmost care, if there are any issues, please contact us right away so that we can assist you to rectify any problems that may have arisen during transportation. Please be prepared to take photos in this instance as we need them for any follow up action.

Suggested Care

We use and recommend Osmocote ® fertilizers, and GT products, we also sell soil, pots and accessories on our website. In the box, you will find some slow-release fertiliser which you can use if you are potting up with soil that does not contain any, or simply use it in 4-6 months’ time.

When Unpacking your Order

When unpacking, there is no rush to take plants from their wrappers. If you are at work or if someone else is receiving the box for you at home, simply open the box and stand the plants up as they will be reaching for light. If your order is large, please pot the plants up first and then check off the quantities, this is much less stressful. Please do not throw away the wrapping or box until you have located all the plants.

We provide you with info to keep your plants alive, and some plants require different care, so we provide extra care sheets for those plants. We do not recommend potting various plants together in one pot unless they all have the same care requirements, please check with us if you are unsure.  Some plants may require a ladder or a stake when they come out of the box if they are particularly large, we will often put a note on those, or you can simply provide one if you think it is necessary.

Sorry about all the reading but it helps the plants in the long run. Enjoy your order and happy growing

First Aid

If AND ONLY IF your plants arrive wilted, please give them a soak in water (the whole plant), with half strength liquid fish and seaweed fertiliser (if you have it) do this for up to one hour NOT OVERNIGHT because you may rot the plant, if your plants are severely wilted, please contact us immediately.

It is especially important to water the soil very well when you pot up your plants, this means that the water drains right through, if your soil is dry, it will drain moisture from the plant and the plants will not survive.

Baby Plants and Care Sheets

Please do not remove the plugs from baby plants, please read our “newbie information Sheet” overleaf which covers this issue and basic plant care.

Contact Us

Send us an email at or contact us through Facebook or Instagram, you can also contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.