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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not covered here please contact us at

Who Operates Nursery 2 U?

We are a Family owned and Operated Business.
We have been in the business for 3 Generations growing, wholesaling and retailing plants.
We are now embracing technology to bring convenience, economy and a wider selection to our customers.

How Does Online Work?

Our website is very easy to use, simply select your products and proceed to the checkout.
You will be presented with multiple ways to pay.
Our order cut-off is required due to the large amount of picking, sorting and spraying that is required, we are a real nursery with over 10 thousand plants, we are not a plant shop.
WE POST PRODUCT ONLY ORDERS DAILY - Products such as plant care items and chemicals, pots, vases etc, are posted next business day.
Please order plants separately if you would like your products posted next business day.
You are welcome to add to an existing order, if the addition is only a few plants there will be no extra postage cost, please contact us with any questions. to add to your order and be invoiced without postage please email us at
Highly sought after plants may sell out in minutes so please don't wait for an invoice with free postage when you are adding to your order,  as you may miss the plants, we are happy to refund postage after you have purchased, to avoid disappointment.
The same cut-off times apply when you add to your order.

Quarantine States

We do not post to NT, TAS and WA states.

We co-operate with all concierge services, and will happily post your plants to them for on-posting.

Please note some plants do not do well through the concierge process, please contact us before ordering if you are concerned about this.

Plant Availability

You will notice that we do not have a large inventory on our site. Plants are updated weekly and unavailable plants are removed, however sometimes a plant that you have ordered may not be available.
In this instance we will contact you immediately and you may change, delay or cancel your order.
if only a larger plant is available - we will up-size for free
if only a smaller plant is available - we will supply it for free
Please add your email and/or mobile number by clicking the prompt on each sold out listing and you will be notified when the inventory for that plant is updated.
Our system does not hold a plant for you if you have loaded it into your shopping cart so please purchase as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Plant Guarantee and Refunds

Please read in conjunction with out T's & C's page.
We guarantee our plants are healthy and will live for the amount of time that they are intended.
If you encounter problems with your plants please contact us as soon as possible once the package is opened and within 24 hours. If you delay contacting us and attempt to fix any issues on your own, we cannot be responsible when we have not been given an opportunity to advise you. 
We strongly advise you follow the care sheets provided, these can also be accessed from the main menu of the website before your order arrives, under the "Plant Info" tab, as this will keep them healthy.
Failure to provide basic care does not entitle you to a refund. Refunds must be approved by our growers on a case by case basis.
Please do not alter the plant in any way, either by removing the root encasing (plug), by cutting branches, or by spraying, if you intend to seek advice or a potential refund from us. We may pay return postage for plants sent back through the post, depending on what the issue is.
We do not refund for change of mind, but you can cancel your order if it has not been dispatched.

OPTIONAL Plant Warranty *New

Version 2, 06/09/2020 Supersedes all other versions

if your plants arrive later than the 7th day of being posted, and are damaged from the journey, or if your parcel is lost before delivery or if the box is damaged* causing the plants to not be salvageable we will REPLACE damaged plants free of charge.

*subject to acceptance for damaged items, box must be photographed unopened and plant damage must correspond to box damage

Parcels lost after delivery are not covered by this warranty

Parcels wrongly addressed or redirected by the customer are not covered by this warranty

Purchase a warranty through this link or at the checkout, a warranty may be purchased separately after you have ordered.

What If I don't Like My Plants?

You will LOVE your plants! If you don't like a particular plant, please contact us.
Most of our photos on the website are of our actual stock but plants grow and change continually so if you encounter a large difference in you plant and the one picture, please contact us.

How Do You Post Plants?

We post to all allowable destinations within Australia with Australia Post.

We send semi bare rooted and wrapped in bubble wrap, and/or paper, then boxed accordingly with regards to size and plant type.

We use void fill beads which some customers may find annoying, we have done extensive testing and found that these beads insulate and cushion plants and their advantages far outweigh their disadvantages. If you really don't want these in your order and are prepared to take the associated risks, please let us know and we will omit them.

We do not use expensive boxes and we do not post in the pot unless the type of plant requires us to do so. We aim to keep prices down for our customers by providing safe and adequate packaging for your order.

All our orders are sent by Australia Post Express post or Startrack, most orders arrive within 48 hours and in perfect condition, with a small percentage of orders being late. Sometimes due to lateness plants may wither, and we include first aid instructions and care sheets for these instances, and for ongoing care. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your plants if you encounter an issue.