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How we classify Rare Plants

Being a commercial grower of plants, we look at the big picture with regards to the rarity of plants. If plants have been sold commercially in Australia for less than 5 years we consider them rare.

Why do we do this even though they seem to be available everywhere you look?

Most commercial growers will grow a plant for a limited amount of seasons, so seeing a plant for sale commercially for a few seasons does not stop it from being rare .

As a consumer you may follow various Facebook pages, or other groups where a plant seems to be in abundance, but with a population of more than 25 million people in Australia, please rest assured the plant has not stopped being rare even though lots of people seem to have it on social media groups, as most of these group only have a few thousand members.

Even Plant releases through major Stores like Bunnings do no make plants less rare as there are only around 300 stores in Australia, and not every one of these carry each particular plant, and when they do, there are only a few thousand going through for the whole season, so if you look at the big picture, a plant can still be rare even if it is released by Bunnings.

We don’t guarantee any resale value of our plants, when you buy for resale, you assume responsibility for recouping money spent or profiting from your purchase, just like any other investment.

In reality what makes a plant continually rare is how fast it grows and multiplies and how easy it is to keep alive, these factors are what makes plants continually rare even if they are mass released, on the other hand, plants that multiply easily will not be rare for very long, a great example of this are plants that grow as vines.

Whether the plant is classified as rare or not by us or by anyone else, please choose plants that make you happy, suit your home and are going to be easy for you to maintain.