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Caladium Care Sheet

There are 3 life stages of Caladiums when they need care instructions

  • Bulb
  • Baby Plants
  • General care and dormancy

Caladium Bulb Planting Instructions

Pot Size – We recommend a 140mm pot for our bulbs, you can change to a 200mm pot as they get larger, or you can plant them in the ground.

Pot them at a depth of one bulbs size above them

Plant the bulbs towards the end of July for most states and if you live in Rockhampton or above, prior to that. The bulbs can be kept dry and cool until then and up to 8 weeks.

Water the bulbs well as soon as they are potted and water again ONLY when they sprout in 4-6 weeks, initially watering only every 7-10 days until the weather gets hot.

When potted place them in a warm place with lots of light, they can be placed on a windowsill in full sun until they sprout and then they will need shade but can take a little filtered morning sun.

In colder areas they can be kept outdoors during the day but should be brought in at night.

Apply the Osmocote® pro-edition fertiliser provided with the bulbs as soon as they are potted, and they can be fed with liquid fertilizer every 6-8 weeks.

 View our YouTube Video on bulb planting Here or below


Caladium Baby plant care instructions

Use any well-draining potting mix and use a spoonful of the Osmocote® provided on each plant, water immediately after potting up

Plant in a 120-140 mm pot and they can stay in these for the whole season

Keep indoors until outside temps reach at least 16 degrees overnight and only water once a week

Provide as much light as possible without putting them in direct sun (a little morning sun is ok)

Do not remove the plug (encasing) that is around the bottom of the plant.


Caladium Plant General Care
Please note this plant is a bulb plant and the stems and leaves may die after transit and usually die and regenerate regularly. Please do not over-water to stimulate new growth.

Basic Care
Keep plants in a sheltered position away from strong winds, caladiums can take partial sun.
Use a really well drained potting mix to ensure that the bulbs don’t rot.

Use our generic feeding instructions of liquid fish and seaweed every 6-8 weeks and Osmocote® every 6 months. Caladiums like a well-drained soil but keep them moist in summer (water daily).

Pest Control
Caladiums will benefit from the use of our Growers Prescription© Colocasia/Alocasia/caladium Care Treatment and Pyrethrum Treatment, available on our website under the Growers Prescription tab.
Dormancy and Wintering
Keep plants dry in winter, tip pot onto its side so water does not collect in it from the rain, or put the plant under cover.
Do not cut the dying leaves as the plant bulb draws back the nutrients from it.
Bulbs can be taken out of the soil and stored in a cool dry place until summer.

View our YouTube video on Caladium Dormancy here

End of August or Early September (Queensland Weather)
Pot up and start watering again.
Every 2 years you should be able to split up the bulbs and you will have new plants.

Visit our Caladium page Here or below