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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions regarding all plants sales (including baby plants)

Please note:

*Baby plants may not look like the full grown version of the same plant they may develop colour and shape later on.

*Baby plants may have cut leaves due to processing and growth stimulation.

*Baby plants sold have healthy root structures but baby plant leaves may die or wither during transport and it is normal for baby plant leaves to die and regenerate many times before becoming fully grown plants. If a plant withers during transport, this does not necessarily cause its death.

*Plants that are grown from bulbs - the stems and leaves may die after transit and usually die and regenerate regularly. We do not replace or refund bulb plants whose leaves or stems die during transit as this is a natural occurrence. Please take care not to overwater or overfeed a bulb plant in order to stimulate its growth.

*The batch or individual photos in each listing may not be the photo of the current available batch, we aim to provide the most accurate information through photos and descriptions regarding the batch of plants that you will be buying from, as we have different suppliers depending on the seasons and temperature or growing conditions some plants may look different to the listing photos, please contact us before purchase if you have an issue with this. .

*Some baby plants take longer to grow than others and require specialised care, we provide care sheets in these instances. Care sheets are also available on a tab on our main menu.

*Some damaged leaves and loose soil may occur during transport, this is considered a normal occurrence for postal orders. You will receive first aid instructions and care sheets with your order, these care sheets can also be accessed before your order arrives from the care sheets tab on the main menu or by clicking here

 *Some plants are naturally prone to some afflictions, we try to include this information in our listings where possible but we cannot be held responsible for what happens to plants as a natural occurrence, or down the line in the care of our customers.

*All plants are sprayed for pests prior to despatch with AZAMAX this is a quality neem based product, you do not need to spray your plants for 4-6 weeks after receiving them. If there are any pests present on your plants they will have died during the spraying.

*All plants are health checked prior to departure and orders are video recorded for quality and quantity assurance and these videos are available to our customers when there is an issue.


Our Responsibilities

  • We will post healthy plants to you
  • we will package plants with the utmost care
  • we will provide adequate care instructions and ongoing advice when you request it
  • We will only sell plants to our customers that have been deemed easy enough to care for with basic to intermediary knowledge, and difficult plants will be listed as such.

Your Responsibilities

  • To provide adequate care for baby plants to keep them alive after they are received, by either asking questions of us or seeking knowledge through other platforms.
  • To provide a shady area (even a makeshift one) for your plants  to be left by Australia post. Australia Post provides us with delivery photos and in some instances you may void your warranty if you choose to claim for wilting or death if the postie was not provided with shady spot to leave the order.
  • To provide the correct address for postage, if you provide the wrong address or redirect your order this will affect your warranty if you have purchased one.
  • To read all care instructions, we understand that some of our customers have more than adequate care knowledge regarding plants, however most of our plant deaths are caused by these customers, we urge you to read all the instructions, not to be educated, but simply to "check your understanding" as plants from different sources have been grown differently, and changing their care with other known and successful care may sometimes cause their death.


Refund simple T's & C's

Any and all refunds are AT THE DISCRETION OF THE GROWER we may ask for plants to be returned depending on the issue. Please note, we may not issue a refund if we deem the issue to be neglect, or if you do not purchase a warranty. We are still happy to offer advice to you to try and save your plant(s). Please do not alter the plant in any way, either by removing the root encasing (plug), by cutting branches, or by spraying, if you intend to seek advice or a potential refund from us. You do not need to spray your plants after purchase (as they have been sprayed prior to despatch), if you have concerns about pests you may quarantine the plants instead.

You must contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order if there is a problem with your plants. If you delay contacting us and attempt to fix any issues, we cannot be responsible when we have not been given an opportunity to advise you.

All orders are shipped with Australia Post or Startrack which is part of Australia Post, and as we do not own, operate or control Australia Post, our responsibility ceases when your package is accepted by Australia Post. We carefully select and pack your order and we video record each order to provide our customers with proof of quality and quantity if required. We are only able to honour claims for lateness, mishandling or damage caused by Australia Post IF you purchase our Optional Warranty as listed below:

Extra Warranty available to purchase separately from the link here You can also buy a warranty after you have ordered.


Version 2, 06/09/2020 Supersedes all other versions

if your plants arrive later than the 7th day of being posted, AND are damaged from the journey,  or if your parcel is lost before delivery or if the box is damaged* causing the plants to not be salvageable we will REPLACE damaged plants free of charge.

*subject to acceptance for damaged items, box must be photographed unopened and plant damage must correspond to box damage 

Parcels lost after delivery are not covered by this warranty 

Parcels wrongly addressed or redirected by the customer are not covered by this warranty