Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions regarding baby plant sale

Please note:

*Baby plants may not look like the full grown version of the same plant they may develop colour and shape later on.

*Baby plants may have cut leaves due to processing and growth stimulation.

*Baby plants sold have healthy roots structure but baby plant leaves may die or wither during transport and it is normal for baby plant leaves to die and regenerate many times before becoming fully grown plants.

*Some baby plants take longer to grow than others and require specialised care, we provide care sheets in these instances.

*It is our customers responsibility to provide adequate care for baby plants to keep them alive after they are received, by either asking questions of us or seeking knowledge through other platforms.

Please read information provided in FAQ's in conjunction with these T&C's

Refund simple T's & C's

We are happy to replace plants that look unwell AT THE DISCRETION OF THE GROWER we may ask for plants to be returned depending on the issue.

Extra Warranty available to purchase seperately

Version 2, 06/09/2020 Supersedes all other versions

if your plants arrive later than the 7th day of being posted, and are damaged from the journey,  or if your parcel is lost before delivery or if the box is damaged* causing the plants to not be salvageable we will REPLACE damaged plants free of charge.

*subject to acceptance for damaged items, box must be photographed unopened and plant damage must correspond to box damage 

Parcels lost after delivery are not covered by this warranty