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Oxalis Care Sheet

Oxalis Plants are seasonal, some varieties are not available all-year round, if they are listed as sold out, please add your email to the prompt to be notified of their restock.

Oxalis care sheet

If you receive your oxalis in a very small tube, repot it into your desired pot and not much bigger than a 140ml size. Use all the soil that is in the tube as it may contain small bulbs and spores. Water in well when repotted. The soil you use must be free draining.

Don’t let these plants dry out completely before watering again.

A major issue with PURPLE oxalis is rust (this looks like brown spots on the leaves)

You can treat rust with any Myclobutanil based product like Rose Gun® or you can use our Growers Prescription© Regimen 4 + Oxalis.

Spray the plants and leave for 2 days, then cut back to 2cm stems. As the leaves emerge start spraying every 14 days as a preventative and ensure there is good air flow and light to the plants.

You can also use Maverik® or any other Fluvalinate based treatment like those available through our site for the treatment and prevention of chewing and sucking insects like caterpillars.

Oxalis Zinfandel does not get rust, please care for it in the same way in all other respects but this one can take more dryness.

See the Oxalis Range here.