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Gynura Purple Velvet Care Sheet

Gynura Plants have different requirements depending on where they are kept. 

Lighting - Bright light, early morning sun
Watering – Keep moist, don’t let it dry out completely between watering however it still requires a well drained mix, this is a thirsty plant, water every second or third day in summer and every week in winter.
Fertilize in spring and summer with Osmocote©
These plants are prone to pests indoors so and we recommend
Lighting – keep it in the shade with only very early morning sun
Watering – water every day in summer and every 4-7 days in winter
Bring this plant in during cold winters
Spray with Maverick for the control of chewing and sucking insects
This plant will benefit from the use of our Growers Prescription© General Insecticide Regimen chemical set available on our website under the Growers Prescription tab.
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