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Tradescantia Care Sheet

A General Guide to the times of year that we propagate and sell Tradescantias due to the ever unique weather in Brisbane, where humidity is sometimes too high for these plants. 

Nursery 2U Growing schedule for Tradescantia Plants

Due to the Brisbane weather, we cannot produce all tradescantia variants all year round.

Below are the months when Tradescantias will be available through us, if you require a certain colour during other times, they are available through other growers.

Dark Desire, Purple Rain, Golden Hill, Zebrina Chunky, Zebrina Classic APRIL to OCTOBER

Sillamontana Variegated – No production during winter.

Bubblegum Lilac and Bubblegum Midnight – Year-round Production, may sell out at times, add your email to the prompt to be notified of restocks.

Purple Heart and Purple Heart Variegated - Year-round Production, may sell out at times, add your email to the prompt to be notified of restocks.

Blushing Bride – Year-round production, only shows white in colder months.

Tradescantia Care

Keep in a mix that is well drained and use the Oscmocote® granules (or similar) every 6 months , they can take about 4 hours of morning sun and if it is cold where you are you will need to keep them inside in winter so near a window inside . do not keep the soil wet just give them a good watering to soak the mix and let it dry out between watering. you can occasionally use liquid fish and seaweed fertilizer. Tradescantias don’t generally get pests so pesticide is not normally required, but you can mix eco-oil in with liquid fish and seaweed fertilizer when you use that keep an eye out for chewing insects in summer and use something like maverick if they appear. 

From our Growers Prescription© chemical series you can use the Antifungal Duo and Pyrethrum when problems occur, please contact us if you are unsure about an issue. See the Growers Prescription© range Here.

Making green tradescantias (all except Bicolour and Tricolour) more colourful – they need to be stressed in order to colour so any of the following will make the pink (or purple) be more pronounced – being pot bound, lacking in water, lacking in fertilizer and more light.

Making white tradescantias (Bicolour and Tricolour) more pink – they need to be looked after in order to be more pink so good light (and some early morning sun), fertilize regularly and water as required for the time of year, for example don’t let them get too dry between drinks. Cut out any green shoots.

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