Warranty -7 Day - Loss or Damage Replacement



Version 2, 06/09/2020 Supersedes all other versions


if your plants arrive later than the 7th day of being posted, and are damaged from the journey,  or if your parcel is lost before delivery or if the box is damaged* causing the plants to not be salvageable we will REPLACE damaged plants free of charge.

*subject to acceptance for damaged items, box must be photographed unopened and plant damage must correspond to box damage

Parcels lost after delivery are not covered by this warranty

Parcels wrongly addressed or redirected by the customer are not covered by this warranty 

Our terms and conditions can be found here https://www.nursery2u.com.au/pages/terms-and-conditions

Our FAQ's can be found here https://www.nursery2u.com.au/pages/faqs 



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