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FREE on $60 Spend

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Select a Freebie from those available on the drop-down Menu.

Please read all the information below;

What are freebies and where can I find them?

Freebies are usually cuttings or plants/products that we choose to giveaway to our customers, usually with purchase conditions

You can find freebies on the freebies tab (on the menu bar), they are also offered at the checkout

How can I be eligible for freebies?

Each freebie listing has a minimum order spend requirement, you are eligible when you spend the amount required, the amount does not include postage

Some freebie listings have options and you can choose between plants

Freebies go by order total, at varying spend amounts of $60, $90, $120, $150 you can get a freebie for EACH order milestone you reach, for example if you spend $150, you can get 4 freebies: 1 for $60, one for $90, one for $120, and one for $150!

You don’t have to claim all the freebies if you don’t want them

One freebie for each order amount is permitted, you cannot claim more of one spend amount, for example if the $60 freebie is something you like, and you spent $120, you cannot claim 2 x $60

 How do I put freebies on my order?

Freebies are not automatically added to your order, you must choose them from the freebie listings

Choose freebies like you would choose plants, they have a zero price and zero postage, so if you forget, you can place your freebie order after you have placed your order, if you forget or miss them and your order is already despatched, we cannot backdate them

If you don’t meet the order amount but you still select the freebie, it will not be supplied, see terms and conditions

 Terms and Conditions (Important)

If your order is bigger than $150 you cannot claim more freebies, freebies are only up to the first $150 on each order

There are no refunds, exchanges, or replacements on freebies, and they are not included in warranty claims

We reserve the right to not include freebies if they have been selected wrongly.

If the freebie for your particular amount of spending is finished, you may choose one from the next spend level, and we will supply it

If you are using discount codes or affiliate codes, your order amount is the amount you pay (not including postage) so you can still get freebies

Cuttings are not available for sale, please don't ask

IMPORTANT: Freebies cannot be supplied on orders that do not contain plants, because orders containing only soil or only pots are sent with Parcel Post. Purchases that are for Gift Cards only attract Freebies when the Gift Cards are redeemed.  

Contact us at with any questions.



We post on Mondays and our cut-off time is Saturday 10am Brisbane time. Unless Monday is a public holiday, in which case we post on Tuesdays, also please see our socials and main page for Christmas and Easter Holidays.


We post semi bare rooted plants wrapped in bubble wrap, some plants are posted in their pots, depending on the species and size. We send with Australia Post Express Post or Startrack which is part of Australia Post.


We can combine orders if they are not too large, either place your order and we will refund the postage cost on all but one order, or contact us for an invoice without postage, please note fast selling items may sell out before we can send you an invoice so please consider this during the buying process. Large orders may attract a second postage amount, we will contact you prior to posting.

T's & C's

All orders are subject to our terms and conditions


Please see our FAQ’s


We have an optional warranty that can be purchased to protect your order against late arrivals and damage.