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Plant Side Hustles

Make Money from Plants

There are many ways that you can make money from selling plants.
Selling plants is “one” of the oldest professions in history (along with some others).

This information is not intended to be financial advice, side hustles are very popular in today’s economy, and their success is varied

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is where a third party (you) sells an item or plant they don’t physically own and then conducts the transaction (with us or another seller), on the buyer’s behalf. In this case we post the plant and are happy to provide custom packaging and literature as required, provided it is not too time consuming for us.

Drop shipping is not a dirty word, it is simply impossible for any business to be at the forefront with all customers in all their interactions, and on all platforms, this leaves room for people who are looking for money making opportunities to service a customer who cannot otherwise find a product.

Drop shipping can be done by advertising on platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Facebook or Gumtree to name a few, some Drop shippers even set up their own websites!

Time usually spent – advertising plants and looking for buyers.

Read Our Drop Shipping Info

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is for those who are savvy in influencing and who are online for a fair amount of time, simply by putting forward links and codes, you can make a passive income (more passive than drop shipping as you do not deal with individual customers)

Time usually spent – writing testimonials and sharing codes and links.

Check out our How-To Section

Selling Plants in your own Business

We have many resellers who buy from us as our customers, who in turn resell or propagate plants they have bought. This method requires more knowledge about plants and plant trends to be able to choose the right plants, and be able to manage, divide, propagate etc until they are sold.

There are many legitimate plant businesses online today who have started off buying from us, if you have the skills and knowledge required, you can be successful with this strategy.

Our prices remain the same for resellers as we do not actually sell wholesale, our business does not have the volume to offer wholesale pricing, but we are happy to sell larger than usual quantities of plants where there are no limits on the listings.

This is a very hands-on method of making money from plants and requires considerable time and money investment.

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